Frederick C WebbWelcome dear friends... I want to share with you my love for life and for you and your children to enjoy some eyebrow raising philosophy and witty observations in my series of books aimed to amuse, educate and entertain!

Written with both the child and  parent in mind, I hope my innovative stories and whimsical illustrations my will delight both of you but more importantly my stories aim to encourage creativity, imagination and human values all of which I feel are important to help your ‘little acorns' grow into mighty oaks’!

Frederick is an accomplished author of an entire series of children's books telling magical stories from the land of Lantern County that aim to promote creative ideas. All his stories are overseen by his loveable Bulldog, Lord Winston Grit with amusing tales (not tails) for both young and old alike as Frederick also writes books for older readers too!

Children's Author of...

Frederick is a writer of several fantastic children's books each with a similar philosophy - amusing heroes subject to temporary setbacks but their values always overcome every obstacle and help guide children to grow into MIGHTY OAKS!

The Adventures of Banker Bee

Banker Bee - The Adventure of a busy Bee!

The Original Vowels Owls Moving Home Adventure

The Original Vowels Owls - The Moving Home Adventure

Moon Dust & Grit

Moon Dust & Grit - Acorn Children to Mighty Oaks


Creator of...

The famous British canine - Lord Winston Grit and his range of toys and games illustrations and books.

Official Crest of Winston Grit

His motto is: ‘Canis de Hominus Amicus Super Estis’ - A man’s best friend is his dog. He is the first canine Lord and accorded human values and standards equal to his human counterparts.

The Vowels Owls

Also the creator of the 'Vowels Owls' Sorting Game based on the original Vowels Owls story.

The Vowels Owls Sorting Game Poster is a fantastic game designed to help your children learn their vowels - in fact after just a few short games I am confident that your children will know their vowels!

The Vowels Owls Family Education Poster

This is THE original Vowels Owls... both the game and the book are original creations of Frederick Webb!