Moon Dust and Grit

Watch the Animated Story on YouTube - Click Here!Every evening the Man in the Moon sends down his moon dust gathered from all over the universe. Then every morning, the 'Grit Miner's send up the grit to meet the dust as it falls to earth.

High up in the sky live thousands of Money Spiders and they combine the dust and grit together in a special process. This magical dust is the source of children's dreams and courage and as it gently falls down to earth it is swept into children's homes by the 'Moon Angels called 'Ebb' and 'Flo'.

Sleeping has a very similar effect on your thoughts as the ocean tides have on the world's sea shores. It washes out bad thoughts, and brings in fresh new ideas and happy dreams to all children, plus the courage to make their dreams come true.

This A4 sized book has highly imaginative colour illustrations but also includes colouring-in illustrations for children to do themselves. These can be hung on their bedroom wall to help remind them of their earlier dreams. Picture images embrace a child's mind with their warmth and softness leading to nights of peaceful dreams.

Fully Colour illustrated in A 4 - Signed copy available on request!

Available in Waterstones Book Stores

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