The Lantern Gallery Collection

When placed on the bedroom wall to welcome baby home, it adds a magical start to life on planet Earth. The ‘Lantern Gallery’ will introduce the joy of painting, stimulate wonder about the wider world, and create a desire to learn.

Tiny children 'automagically' absorb and learn from their surroundings, and this gallery will give them much to think about. It will provide a ‘permanence’ that can be talked about and discussed, and I hope many mothers, with child in arms, will use this script to make up little bedroom stories.

Lantern Gallery

This collection of original prints includes:

The Vowels Owls poster and Sorting Game - helps toddlers learn their vowels, and the three words on the back of the cards will assist speech and create the desire to read - A3 Print.

The Three R’s Dancers - have a song and a dance that makes learning fun - A3 Print.

Lord Goodwords Grit - introduces rhymes and poems, full of fun and good advice - A4 Print.

President Fox - is the ‘politician’ that cares for all the residents of Lantern County - A4 Print.

The Dowager Lady Rook - is very posh, Caugh! Caugh! Lord Grit and everyone else, adores her - A4 Print.

Banker Bee - showers using dew on the rose petals, works very hard and saves his honey. Hard work, thrift, cleanness, puts that big smile on his face - A4 Print.

Toadal Recall - the giant toad from the Sudan is given a home by President Fox. He has a very big job, it is to keep worlds water pure - A4 Print.

The ‘Happy Oyster’ & ‘Not So Happy Oyster’ - 'Happy' has a pearl in his shell, 'Not So Happy' has a pearl in his mind - A4 Print.

Miss Money Spider - is the link between Lord Grit and the Man in the Moon. They bring down the ‘Moon Dust and Grit’ that helps children remember their dreams. This combination gives them the courage to make their dreams come true - A4 Print.

Also included is:

The Happy Acorn Club Membership Certificate - a fantastic A4 Certificate sets out many noble human qualities.

Gallery illustrations are from my ‘Grow with Grit’ series of children's books available here and are printed on thick silk card art stock with printed frames.

Only £9.95