About Frederick C Webb

Frederick C WebbI was born in the tiny Suffolk hamlet of Thurlow Green and after five years at the village school, I went to Grammar School in the historic silk weaving town of Sudbury in Suffolk about an hour or so north of London.

After a brief couple of years in the RAF I settled down for 17 years in the field of Banking the last twelve years being in the Middle East. However my heart was always elsewhere and I ended up writing and telling stories to my work colleagues who enjoyed the 'funny Englishman's stories'! Subsequently it ended when the boss said, "I don't know what to do with you Webb!" and that was the end of my banking career... I got a good pay off though!

Determined to never again be the subject of a 'boss', I struggled through 40 odd years in or on the fringes of the Toy Industry but it was always writing that drew out my passions... so I began to write... and write some more!

However I very quickly found that both Toy shops and Publishers always wanted "something similar to what was already on the market" - heaven forbid you create something original! This was totally contrary to my inner desires and contradicts my purpose in life - which is to provide and be something different.

The works I have written (available on this website!) are reflections of human life, the funny creatures we can be and how delightful we think we are! The views here are based on the belief that we can all be just a bit better.

If THIS can get a few of you to see life through these characters, and let one or two of them take you by the hand into fresh and new joys of life on this planet, then this site and this man, will fulfil their purpose.Frederick C Webb




The content of this web site is the intellectual property of Frederick C Webb. He wrote the stories, drew the illustrations, thought up the games, the cartoons, the captions... all the content!

This site is a treasure trove of products, just waiting to be licensed - email@frederickwebb.co.uk