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Want to see my stories come to life... of course you do! Enjoy my wonderful stories read by Sir Winston Grit in front of a huge roaring fire!

Story No.1 - Moon Dust & Grit

Learn how the Man in the Moon sends down Moon Dust to help create children's dreams but only when the money spiders add Grit are children given the courage needed to turn those dreams into reality!

Viewer Comments

Here's what people have already said about Moon Dust & Grit!

Steve, Cambridgeshire - "This is the most enchanting of animations that really brings the Moon Dust & Grit story alive - very enjoyable!"

Alison, Essex - "This is my daughter's favourite story! She loves the book already and this animation read by Sir Winston Grit is just fantastic, she has watched it over and over again on her Kindle already!"

Robert, Dorset - "Such an imaginative story that can be the start of so many more - playing this soothing animation at bedtime is perfect and is a great teaching tool for your kids to lets them know dreams can become reality!"

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