Banker Bee

This is a story of love and exile, sanctuary and kindness, hard work and thrift ending in resounding success!

A bee is born, twice the size of other bees, half the size of his queen and all are instant heroes!

Banker Bee is loved by all, works hard collecting nectar to make his favourite honey. Each night he returned exhausted to the Hive and fell into a deep sleep. But there is a problem - he snores so loudly he keeps the entire Hive awake at night which results in the Queen having to send him away for the good of the Hive.

Banker Bee flew and flew, he felt banished and upset but he knew the Hive was bigger than just one Bee and after a long flight he landed in a place called Lantern County. He was so tired after his flight that he fell asleep straight away... snoring VERY loudly! This loud noise was heard by President Fox who found Banker Bee fast asleep in the long grass! So being a sociable chap, President Fox left an invite to afternoon tea!

When Banker Bee woke up he found the invite and with great excitement rushed to President Fox's house where he was asked to tell his story of what happened and why he had to leave his Hive.

President Fox listened carefully to the story and insisted he could help Banker Bee with a cunning, fox like plan! Next day Banker Bee was called back to President Fox's house where he was presented with a shiny new home... a Soundproof Beehive!!!

Fully Colour illustrated in A 4 - Signed copy available on request!

Only £4.95