By Frederick Webb

Release your dreams into the wind, for they will help compose,
An atmosphere that may contain much more than we suppose.
The air is full of thoughts and waves; inventions undiscovered.
Are benefits stored in the skies, yet by our blindness covered?

In the depths of space, winds travel fast, close to the speed of light
Perhaps they waft off with your thoughts, as you dream through the night?
And place them in another life, on a planet deep in space,
To fill some alien heart with dreams, sent from the human race.

Is there some magic in our life, which waits within the air.
And if our minds are blind to it, they are ignorance’s lair.
What is the source of fantasies, in dreams when we’re at rest.
There is much more to earthly life, man has yet to reach his best.

Set free your dreams into the winds, and feed the air with thought.
Desires need freedom to express, or else they count for nought.
It is man’s thinking, here on Earth, that doth decide our fate.
So tragic is the unused brain, that knocks at St Peter's gate.

Speak out your thoughts, say what you think without the fear of faction.
Debate within your own free mind, the worth of another’s action.
Knowledge of which we’re proud, can be the jailer of our dreams,
Question beliefs to free your mind, the World's not what it seems.

We must all think with open minds, unafraid of new ideas,
Your vision will release your brain, and then life’s picture clears.
Beliefs are blind, they’re out of date; and yesterday is dead,
A sweet life is better than the grave, tomorrow lies ahead.

Look back a thousand years and see, what thinking man has found.
Compare it with your life today, the difference is profound.
Dreams hide within the atmosphere, where live all man’s desires.
The ‘facts’ of science smother thought, and the world retires.

When men believe they know it all, then simple folk needs fear.
Discovery comes to a halt, and sameness haunts each year.
Then dream when you are wide awake, and seek what you can’t see,
Be guided by the eye of mind, and dream what you can be.

The sixth sense tells us more new truth's than the other senses five.
It warns of dangers in extremes, it oft keeps us alive.
There’s more in man than we can see, or clever men can prove.
When dreams are wafted in the wind, our dormant senses move.

These thoughts then send into the winds, dreams that you now make fresh.
They come from deep within your soul, not from your bloody flesh.
Man needs to know his inner self, and to ‘himself’ must speak.
Then glories multiply within, our souls attain their peak

The ‘mind’ has riches far beyond, all earthly goods or wealth.
The soul draws value from our dreams, and delivers them by stealth.
The earthly goods of man’s desire, which he sees as a treasure,
 Give way to richer joys within, they are the greater pleasure.

Release your dreams into the winds, let hopes fly from your heart.
Set free your honest principles, for then you play your part.
In making man and ‘self’ complete, we forge a better place,
In which our children then can dwell, as we our Maker face.

God gives us all the chance to live, a life that offers freedom.
His intent is not a servile life, tied to another’s’ fiefdom.
Yes there are joys and much to gain, in a contract to a master.
Beware lest he enslaves the mind, so ends your life much faster.

The winds of critics can blow strong, it's easy to complain;
But how fare the carping critics when, they face the wind and rain?
‘Little People’ have great strength, would but their minds stay free,
They are the force of common-sense, which must yield victory.

Banish the fear within your heart, when truth puts you in danger.
The bravest Man that ever lived, was once born in a manger.
The truths He spoke into the winds, endure two thousand years.
To change the ways of wicked men, who prey upon our fears

Thoughts have greater strength than steel, they cannot be destroyed.
No acid, flame, nor rust can taint; they wait until employed.
The common sense from common man, once writ or spoken loud,
Will cast out lies and vanquish fools, to stand alone, and proud.

What can I do? What can I say? I am but one you ask,
Think straight, think true and then speak out, that is your simple task,
When little folk release their dreams, and let their thoughts take flight,
They sew the seeds of reason, that will change the men of might.

A half a thought when sent sincere, into the mixing air,
Can breed like male and female sperm, it can produce an heir.
The partner with whom you blend and breed, cares not about paternity,
Dreams father thoughts so pure and true, they last into eternity.

Beware the scientist or sage, that speaks to us some day.
Rejecting thoughts borne by the wind, man’s progress to delay.
Had they lived in the days of Christ, all progress they’d deny.
How same are these beliefs to those, who cried out ‘crucify’?

The richest joys for all mankind, lie deep within the head,
Not in his fortune or his loins, but in the worth of what he’s said.
Enrich, therefore, the world at large, by saying what you think,
Else live life’s normal spans, then die, and vanish in a blink.

Damnation on the sneering seers, who use their brains to close,
The doors we open to our dreams, for fear their cause may lose.
When thoughts come to us on the breeze, which we then pluck and gather,
Our mind grows rich from that we share. Lives in the air Our Father?

What points the way, whence comes the path, our leaders all must follow?
Who fills their heads with plain good sense, when empty and grown hollow?
Could it be we ‘Little Folk, who pray for better things.
And on the winds there comes the light, to make good all our Kings?

We all are born from mother's womb, bloodied and with tears.
Then loving parenting reveals, that we need have no fears.
Yes many problems we will face, as we grow into men.
Needs learn to look them in the eye, none are beyond our ken.

Our thoughts and feelings make our world, and if posted in the air.
Young people need this ‘library,’ as they join in life’s fair.
Their brains reel on the merry-go-round, as changes rack young bodies,
The winds they help to educate, if filled with loving knowledge.

We tell our children what to do, we teach them to store facts,
We fill young minds with sums and dates, these useless artefacts.
Needs teach our children how to think, let young minds be a muscle.
Fit minds give clarity of thought; to help them in life’s tussle.

Prepare the children to grow up, this should not be arrested,
When sudden gales come to their lives, then parents wits are tested.
Let not the change of puberty, come as a sudden storm;
Prepare with love the growing child, show change is but the norm

The joy of sex, the gift of God, unique ecstatic pleasure,
By ignorance, blown on the rocks, makes wreckage of a treasure.
Religion, rules, and ‘old wives tales,’ will make of it a foe,
But cannot dull a sublime release, that banishes all woe

Let none think that their birth is blessed, more than any other.
Each baby born is just the same, no matter who it's mother.
It is our life that sets our store, on actions we are judged.
To dream that one is born on high is fatuous and fudged.

Remember that no man is weak, who speaks for what is right.
His words will vanquish every foe, no matter what his might.
Soft winds will never break your thoughts, nor dash them on some portal.
Love, justice, equality, truth, these words make man immortal.


Hopes are the force to change all lives, and who would not embrace,
The dreams sewn in soft winds of love, that freshens up the face?
What joy to walk amidst these winds, where thoughts of love oft flourish?
Sweet air breathes deep into your lungs, your soul to gently nourish.

Once ‘pollen’ floats upon the breeze, it will mutate or breed.
A benefit to man is born, which started with faint seed.
When men harvest dreams sown in the winds, we name him an ‘inventor.’
Mayhap the thoughts of humbler men, combine to be his mentor?

Release your dreams into the winds, to venture and explore,
Within the minds of lovers, seeking someone to adore.
Let not your hopes of love stay still, nor lock them in your heart.
But float them on the summer breeze, for freedom is their art.

The twisting waifs, the thoughts of love, are painted by your dreams.
Let brushes stroke, let colours blend; to picture all your schemes.
Plans to win another’s heart, must be honest, bold and true.
Sweet gentle winds of love will bring, a loving mate to you.

Love oft rains tears upon your cheeks, wet eyes, the springs of sadness.
Moisture on the winds of far away,  to bring another’s’ gladness.
Love is the strongest thought of all, fear not when it is spurned.
Your gentle tears will feed the winds, and affection be returned.

The thoughts of love, placed in the air, will seek a happy fate.
One day the gentle dreams return, to bring your perfect mate.
The heart must never sorrow bank, its’ interest is bitter.
Spend sorrow till it's all flown out, it’s sensible to fritter.

Sitting alone in a prison cell, your dreams can often perish.
The winds they must seem deaf to you; another's hopes to cherish.
Think! Think! You must, whilst there you lie, on a pillow of remorse.
Was it ‘they’ that did you wrong, that set you on your course?

Clutch not such dreams inside your breast, and never give them air,
This sows a seed of a different kind,  the seed of your despair.
Wake up all jailbirds, I mean you, tattooed and aggressive.
It is ‘your’ mind that is the ‘they’, the ‘they’ you find oppressive.

Are you not loved, were you abused, what made of you a knave?
Decide upon a life that’s free; else be misfortune's slave?
What’s done is done, tomorrow waits, and while you’re at your leisure.
You must believe that all your dreams, the winds accept with pleasure.

Now set yourself a different tack, your hopes sail in the skies.
Sea winds cut deep into your face, and open up your eyes.
No matter that rough seas make change, such winds are never placid.
The storms, the swell, the sprays, the troughs, spin out your body’s acid.

Step forth new man on your release, be strong and brave and virile.
Into the storms discard old thoughts, for they were weak and sterile.
New dreams now place upon the winds, to mix with those of others.
Fresh winds that now blow on your face, make all of men your brothers.

Release your plans into the winds, for a new life of ambition.
Fear not the set of stars or myth, set out your own condition.
God sets the clock on all our lives, He sets our evolution.
Let the waking chimes ring in your ears, attend to your solution

When beaten down the human soul, needs courage to recover
Winds take time to raise the hopes, that faith should never smother.
Then think of God’s great gift to man, a fresh mind to see clear.
Each step you take will build your path, your goal comes ever near.

When a politician's spume is blown, in winds of the election...
Pretence pollutes the swift fresh air, to propose him for selection.
Tho’ billed as saviour, savant, sage, your thoughts he tries to smother.
And then persuade your brain to give it's thinking, to another.

Politicians promise wealth, priests wish our souls to take.
But promised riches seldom come, could they both be a fake?
They try to show their way is best, and fulfil our every desire,
But ‘tis man's fertile breadth of brain, that sets the world on fire.

Adulterer king with mistress plump, sleeps in linen trimmed with lace.
He thinks himself a leader; but, cannot his subject's face.
Conscience is the voice of soul, and he needs let it speak.
Then act upon it's message, else show himself but weak.

Kings, Lords, and Ladies think that we exist just for their use.
Preconceptions in soft foolish heads, breed decades of abuse.
Such rancid thoughts needs must be purged, tornado's rend the air.
Once washed, bleached, and buffeted, the benighted could be fair.

Conceit drives men who seek to rule, to offer us their schemes.
Yet they need the help of humble men, to pollinate their dreams.
Some see their place in history, when they have had their day.
The glory seeker needs be watched, lest from righteous paths he stray.

Cage not you dreams inside your chest, they must be given air.
Lest you sew within a different seed, the seed of your despair.
Set free your hopes and give them space, let them not chance stagnation.
Out in the breeze they waft towards you, a dreamers realization.

The winds will help a ‘could have been’, a man who tried and failed.
One who'd never listen, against whom his teachers railed.
But kind men pause, then question why he wouldn't play this part.
And witness shame in others when, they see his loving heart.

The child in man should not be lost, midst burdens from above.
The most important joy in life, our ability to love.
When pressure from the parents come, to make the child a master.
Winds groan with woe, some gust in rage, confronted with disaster.

The dreams the winds do most adore, are from minds of the young.
Listen close when children dream, you’d swear the breezes sung.
Learn from your children how to think, for infant hearts to reach.
And as you listen to their hopes,  by your example teach.

No matter where a babe is born, a brain comes to the world.
The mysteries tight stored within, one day will be unfurled.
All things are new to their young eyes, with each they need to think.
They may point out new truths to us, with chubby fingers pink.

The broader life that we can live, if what is in our mind.
Spreads into the winds that blow, is not lost to our kind.
The human race is but one whole, though we may dwell alone.
Our dreams of greater joys will grow, if in the winds they’re sewn.

Without your thoughts the air grows stale, and hope will slowly wither.
Man never needs to fear to speak, else he’s trapped in his dither.
Sing it out loud, say what you think, into the wind and rain.
Your thoughts will soften as they fly, and ease another’s pain.

Toss your thoughts into the sky, whence they fall back to earth.
Mother Nature weans our dreams, she treats them as a birth.
What wonders yet lie hidden, in the vastness that is space?
Could God have surprises stored, gifts for the human race?

Presents from Him need not be wrapped, parcels for to hold.
Within our selves his treasures dwell, more valuable than gold.
Winds that open up our minds, make ‘Little People’ brave.
God sends his thoughts by means unknown, His people He will save

Somehow, some day, we all will learn the powers of our mind.
Restrictions they will be removed, our dreams a welcome find.
Mankind one day must raise his eyes, to prospects fine and pure.
And life on Earth its’ values change, to make our future sure.

With dreams released into the winds. there are no ‘Little People.’