Frederick musing on another amusing story!Poetry Corner!

Poems are a peculiar way of expressing truthful thoughts.

Fortunately most are love driven; the sweet madness of a man's love overpowers him. Unfortunately, it often underwhelms her.

I guess every man has within him the DNA of Sir Lancelot and Don Quixote.

We want to rescue maidens from dragons, and when our steed is an unwilling mule, the foe an aggressive windmill, and our lances lose their ribbons, we still retain the irrational desire for ladies to love us.

Below is a selection of poems and songs, some of which are a little risqué so I have popped those into their own section! However for those that prefer reading on good old fashioned paper, you can print out the entire collection from PDF file here!

Poems for All!

Songwriting Lyrics

Poems for Adult Readers!