The Zombie at the Sandy Palms Golf Club

Set in an imaginary golf club in Arabia, it was 'inspired' if that is the word - by the inhuman behaviour of a golf club manager in England, whose cheating, harassment, and intimidating bullying of 'Fareed'' innocently taking a pee at the urinals, defied human analysis; he had to be under the influence of some inhuman force.

The hero, 'Fareed Bin Stitched Up', relates how his camel shot him off her back, and he fell some fifteen feet onto rocks and smashed his knees. The script is laced with wit and vinegar, which fair minded readers will excuse.

Golf is a glorious game, imparting levels of personal honesty and ethics that illuminate the human being. To see this ruined by cronyism, lies and arrogance causes despair in any human.

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