Lantern County

Lantern CountyLantern County is a fictional Suffolk parkland that was 'out of bounds' during my childhood. It's a utopian centre for wildlife and conservation and is filled with wonderful characters who feature in a series of illustrated children's stories, including:

Because of their human qualities, children and parents can relate to the characters in these books and as they read and listen they will share in the lives of the animals, birds and insects of Lantern County. The 'Grow with Grit' series of illustrated children's books creates dreams and the encourages children to pursue them and will be available soon, please join the Mailing List and be notified as soon as they become available.

Dowload the Lantern County Story PDF here for FREE!There are also fun books for adults, and the philosophy is the same, the heroes are amusing and subject to temporary failure but their values always overcome every obstacle. See the Book List for details.

The Lantern County Lantern

The 'Sad and Serious' LanternThe Lantern County logo is the 'Sad and Serious Lantern'. It promotes creative ideas and is a magical communicator and holographic transporter. When Lord Grit places his paw upon it, it can take him anywhere in the universe in an instant!

Lantern County Ltd publishes all my work, novels, children's books, games and posters providing a path to a happier way of life and making people feel better about themselves and others too.