The All England Brussel Sprout Tossing Contest

Welcome the 'Glorious Tenth' of October first day of the open season for sprout tossing!

"English men of limp stalk, that stayed in bed will think themselves accursed they did not rise up to toss their sprouts on St Brussels Day."
Lord Grit was most pleased!
At its inaugural trial - 'The All England Brussel Sprout Tossing Contest - Charity Classic' the game did exactly what we hoped for: kids, teenagers, parents and pensioners all joined in the fun and laughter.

A big £152.50 was raised for the Honeypot Children's Charity - Lord Grit was so pleased, he wagged his tail (Lord Grit - pictured right).

View the 'Sprout Tossing' game in detail here...
Only £12.50
+ 2.45 P&P